Elections Program Committee Electrical Engineering

Each year, in December, elections will be held for the student sections of the Program Committee of Electrical Engineering. For the section of the staff members however, elections will be held every even year. For both sections, these elections will take place by means of electronic voting.

The task of the PC-EE is to guard and enhance the quality of the educational programs offered within the department of Electrical Engineering. In this context, the PC-EE issues solicited and unsolicited advice on the design of the curricula, quality assurance and policy-making to the program director, the departmental board, and teaching staff. All the course evaluation surveys that you fill in, are discussed by the PC-EE. Furthermore, the PC-EE has the right of consent in regard to the program specific sections of the Program and Examination Regulations (PER/OER), the task to assess the implementation of these regulations annually, and the task to advice on these regulations. Lastly, the PC-EE has the right of consent in regard to the quality assurance plan of the department. The PC-EE actively contributes to educational innovation and enhancement within and outside its own department.

For more information, please contact the Election Committee at election.committee.pc.ee@tue.nl or Flux 5.132.