StudentBody EE/AU


Who decides what? Do I, as a student, get any vote at all? Perhaps you asked yourself these questions.
The department of Electrical Engineering is host of plenty of committees and councils where students can give their opinions. At the head of the university is the Executive Board. They are responsible for the policy and day to day activities of the university.
A lot of cases however are decided at department level without the involvement of the Executive Board. A prime example of this is the education program. For this reason each department has its own board.

Student Body (SB)

The Student Body (SB) is the centre of education participation at the department of Electrical Engineering. The SB is run by three students of the department. Any student who has suggestions, complaints, or questions about the education can come to the SB. But the student body has more tasks:

  • Organisation of the Panel of Education
  • Organising the year councils
  • Support the students in the department council and the education council
  • Organising Explore Your Master
  • Writing quartile course evaluation reports
  • Distribute the yearly education award for the best teacher
  • Organising the Education-barbecue for all students who are active in education participation
  • Attending the SAO meeting (TU/e wide Student Advisory Body).
e.t.s.v. Thor’s commissioner of education

The commissioner of Education attends the student year councils along with the SB, organizes exam trainings, updates the exam archive and helps solving little education related problems. Next to this, the commissioner, or CO for short, helps organizing Explore Your Master, stays in contact with the teachers and professors, indexed the titles and the amount of study book to be ordered and stays informed about the rapid changing education environment.

Year Councils

The Student Body has created the year councils in collaboration with study association Thor. The year councils guard the quality of the education of their year and try to solve the problems that arise. They can be a bridge to the teachers and many small problems can be solved immediately. These problems include bad lecture sheets, schedule failures etc. If the problems are larger the Student Body and the commissioner of education of Thor can present these problems at a higher level of education participation.
The following year councils exist:

  • First year council
  • Second year council
  • Third year council
  • Pre-master council
  • Master students council

When you have a complaint, want to join one of the year councils or have a question in general, please do not hesitate to contact us via or speak to us or the commissioner of education in person.