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For many years the StudentBody of Electrical Engineering has organized the “Explore Your Master” event. The goal of this event is to give Bachelor students a better understanding of the master program and the choices they can make for their specialization.

Due to the corona crisis, the Xplore Your Master will be held online this year. You can see all the presentations here. We will host online Q&A sessions through Microsoft Teams on Wednesday and Thursday the 6th and 7th of May. We advise to watch the presentations of the masters before joining the Q&A sessions. See the schedule and links for Teams below.

The Eindhoven Artificial Intelligence Systems Institute master will not start next year. Therefore there will be no presentation and Q&A for this master.


Wednesday morning10:00Sustainable Energy Technology
10:45Systems & Control
11:30Automotive Technology
Wednesday afternoon13:00Embedded Systems
14:30Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion
15:15Eindhoven School of Education
16:00Electrical Engineering (general)
Thursday morning10:00Electro-Optical Communications
10:45Photonic Integration
Thursday afternoon13:00Control Systems
13:45Electromechanics and Power Electronics
14:30Electrical Energy Systems
15:15Signal Processing Systems
16:00Electronic Systems
16:45Integrated Circuits
17:30Last change for general question about Electrical Engineering

NXP Scholarship

The NXP Foundation offers 10 scholarships to excellent students who will start their master’s in Electrical Engineering in the area of ‘Millimeter Wave Wireless Technology’ at Eindhoven University of Technology in September 2020. The target group of this scholarship program is students with a specialization in the areas of Microwave Engineering, RF electronics, Data Converters, Antennas and Signal Processing for millimeter wave wireless communications and radar systems.

Electrical Engineering and Automotive Technology bachelor students from TU/e, TU Delft or UT are eligible for this scholarship as well as Electrical Engineering students from Universities of Applied Sciences who will have finished the pre-Master’s program (schakelprogramma) before 1st of September 2020.

The selected students will receive a scholarship of €5000 in the first year and the 5 best prior year scholarship recipients also in the second year. Furthermore they will be assigned to a coach (NXP Fellows Domine Leenaerts or Kostas Doris). They enter the Connected World Technologies track of the Electrical Engineering master’s program.

If you think you can qualify for this Scholarship, this is a unique offer. In that case my advice would be, check the criteria and apply: RFscholarship@tue.nl. The deadline for your online application is 15th of May 2020.

More detailed information can be found at: NXP Scholarship.

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